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11-13 NOVEMBER 2021


International School of Hamburg
Hemmingstedter Weg 130
22609 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49 408000500

Tournament Director:
Jamie Bedoya, Athletic Director
Tel: +49 40800050144


ISH Sporthalls



Please see the relevant section in the by-laws.

U12-U14 RULES/

Net height 2m10.

(i) By the end of the third set, every player must have played for one complete set, i.e. they must have played from the beginning to the end of a set, without being substituted. A player that is substituted must play another complete set i.e. from the beginning to the end of a set, without substitution.
(ii) In U14 Volleyball games, players must report to the Scorer's table at the beginning of every set for the purpose of recording their numbers on the score sheet. Both coaches must report to the Scorer's table before the third set commences for the purpose of ensuring that their team has adhered to the rules governing substitutions and minimum playing time.
(iii) It is not permitted to use the ‘libero’ position.
(iv) A net serve is allowed.
If a team or coach does not adhere to the substitution rules, they will automatically forfeit the game by 0 sets to 3 and by 0 points to 75 (or by 0 sets to 2 and 0 points to 50 in a game played to the best of 3 sets).
(v) Length of Game: Matches shall be decided by the best of five sets with each set being scored to 25 points using the rally-point system, except the fifth set which shall be scored to15 points. The only exception to this rule is the Plate Competition on the final day of a tournament where matches will be played as the best of 5 sets all scored to 15 points. In all matches, a team must win by two clear points in each set.
(vi) Time-outs should have a limit of 30 seconds.
(vii) Interval time of 2 minutes should be allowed between sets.
(viii) Starting line-ups should be given to the Scorer complete with uniform numbers and starting court positions.
(ix) Game Protocol Teams should be aware of and practice the proper game protocol. This includes the correct lining-up of the starting players before the game. Also, the proper way to change courts at the end of each set and after the eighth point of the deciding set.

TIE-BREAK: During the initial league stage, 2 points are awarded for a win and 0 points for a loss.

Two-team tie procedure:
1. Result of the mutual game.

Three-team tie procedure (steps to be followed in order):
1. Sets won minus sets lost from mutual games.
2. Most sets won from mutual games.
3. Score difference: points scored minus points conceded from mutual games.
4. Most points scored from mutual games.
5. Sets won minus sets lost from all group games.
6. Most sets won from all group games.
7. Score difference: points scored minus points conceded from all groups games.
8. Most points scored from all group games.


Please see the relevant section in the by-laws.


Packed lunches will be provided for players, coaches and officials at the venues. Other refreshments will be on sale throughout the tournament.



Tournament participants and their parents will be informed by their AD as to where they are staying.

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